"A goddess from the temple of piano music"

(Rhein Newspaper)

"Simply hellishly musical"   &

"The alert and deep musical understanding which seems to guide her  playing is astonishing. "  (tz) 

"Valentina Babor's interpretation gives an indication of gifted precocity." (AZZ)   
"The up-and-coming pianist arouses enthusiasm with her splendid virtuosity and nuanced expressiveness ..."

 "Valentina Babor proves undoubtedly that she belongs to the most promising talented young pianists of our time ." (IZ)  

"The inhabitant of Munich arouses enthusiasm with her astonishing musical maturity and seriousness .... and captivates with an always apparently natural elegance and creative power which lends a completely individual element to herplaying . " (SZ)  

   "A young pianist with brilliance and virtuosity, charm and self-confidence ... This attractive young artist astonishes the listeners with the intensity of her presentation and her great musical intuition. Her passionate performances completely captivate her audiences, causing them to even to forget time and place ... outstanding cultural experience ! "  

(Culture in Middle Swabian) 

  "A spirit of discovery and a creative will, thunderous applause and numerous calls of bravo... The excellent young musician held the audience in the Kaufbeurer municipal theatre in suspense and showed right from the beginning a special passion which was to leave its mark on the entire concert.

Not just with every piece or movement, she concentrates intensely, and always with great feeling, on the musical and emotional characteristics.
Valentina Babor interprets every motif and every passage in detail and always knows how to join the individual filigrees together again into a great unity, as well as how to skilfully circumnavigate the obstacles of well-known clichés ..." 


"Splendidly sensitive pianistic, subtly differentiating technique and an outstanding musicality ..." (SZ)

"Once again the young pianist Valentina Babor was to be heard in the French Baroque hall of the castle Vöhlin near Ulm, not just a sensational talent but already developing into mature artistic personality."
"Coquettish lightness, down to the firmest touch, masterly elegance, charm and dedication, passionate momentum and unleashed virtuosity... Once more the young musician showed what she does best... mastering technical difficulties with bravado, tumultuous passage work set against beautifully worked out lyrical passages, the building up of enormous crescendi to celestial grandeur and creating her own, unique and dreamlike sound-world.

- Classy, spirited and magnificent ..."   (IZ)